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Guidelines For Simulation Day


The purpose of a simulation is to mimic a competition as close as possible.  Please use the same procedures you would for any competition.


1) A draft skating order is posted 2 weeks before the Simulation.  (Usually on a Monday). You have until the following Sunday at midnight to submit any requests to the Coordinator.  **After this time-no changes will be permitted



  • You have any issues with the order
  • Would like a specific program.  Example: Long, Short, Artistic Elements
  • Will be absent
  • Have any special requests


2) A Final Order will be posted 1 week before Simulation.  (Usually on a Monday)

  • Any late request will not be accepted.  If there is a pull due to illness or injury this will be marked on the final order.  With a line across the name and pull written beside it.


3) On Simulation day.  Skating Orders are posted at the skater's entry door, with the assessing coaches and with the music player.


           Intermediate, Senior and Diamond Skaters are responsible to:

  • Be aware of any pulls as this may change your skating order slightly
  • Dressed in competition attire
  • Do a proper off ice warm up
  • Arrive on time for the on ice warm up
  • Be at the entry door, ready to skate (sweaters off, gloves off, so on) when your name is called from the order


            Junior skaters should:

  • Arrive on time
  • Dress appropriately for a performance
  • Follow instructions given by the coaches


4) Late arrivals

If you are late for warm up.  You are permitted to go on the ice for whatever time is left.  Warm up will not be held, stopped, or reassigned for any skater.

If you are late for your turn in the order.  Your name will go to the bottom of the final flight.  If there is time you will skate last.  You will wait and be prepared when your name is called again.  **Please note:  This is the only thing listed that is unlikely to happen at a competition.  At a competition you would forfeit your skate without refund.  However, we want everyone to have the practice opportunity.


5) Competition Attire

Intermediate, Senior, Diamond - It is to the skaters benefit to wear competition attire.  If you have an issue and this cannot be solved in time for your warm up.  You can skate in practice attire.  Changing order is NOT permitted.  All late arrival information above, will apply.


Juniors are asked to come prepared for a performance.  We expect a neat and tidy appearance and we prefer girls wear a skirt or dress.  It is NOT necessary for juniors to purchase Competition outfit for simulation but if they have one they should wear it.


6) Assessments

Intermediates, Senior and Diamond will receive a written assessment after the session.  Assessments are for Longs and Shorts.  These are not always done for Artistic and Elements.  If you do not receive your assessment ask for it on the next skating day.  It is sometimes too busy to hand them out on Simulation Day.  Share your assessments with your private coach.


7) Second Program will be skated as time permits.

All skaters will have the chance to skate one program.  A second program will happen only if time permits.  Long programs have been listed first.  If you wish your Short/Artistic/Elements program listed first you must let the coordinator know by the deadline.


Short programs or second programs are listed as follows:

    1. Skaters who are competing in upcoming competition who have had limited opportunities to skate a second program in simulation
    2. Skaters competing in upcoming competition who are skating a second program
    3. Skaters who ARE NOT competing in the upcoming competition who have a second program
    4. Short programs (star 7 and 9, Pre Novice and high)
    5. Followed by Artistic programs and Elements programs (if applicable)


Appendix applies to 2023 - 2024 Winter Season Only

* Please Note:  Be aware of the time change this season.  On Simulation Days Only.  We have made arrangements for those in Senior/Diamond to start off ice class 10 minutes early (5:50pm) and will end 10 minutes earlier (6:35pm)  Those who are helping on CanSkate will be let go early.  This will give 15 minutes following off ice class for skaters to prepare for Flight #1.  It is recommended that skaters in Flight #1 wear their costumes to off ice so they will only require skates when they arrive to the dressing room.  We will start at 6:50pm or when the Intermediate skaters have completed all programs.









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